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Sofia Printemps, the visionary owner of Savvy SOF Financial Solutions, holds an esteemed Master’s degree in accounting from Nova Southeastern University and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a focus on Finance from Florida International University. Leveraging her extensive expertise and hands-on experience, she spearheads a highly skilled team of financial professionals dedicated to optimizing your business finances. Sofia’s unerring passion for numerical accuracy and meticulous attention to detail ensures that even the subtlest factors impacting your books are addressed. Beyond her professional commitments, Sofia cherishes quality time with her family, finds peace in meditation, explores new horizons through travel, and revels in life’s simplest joys.

Financial Solutions

At Savvy SOF Financial Solutions, we provide a comprehensive range of financial services, including bookkeeping and tax preparation for individuals and businesses, tax advisory, tax planning, and tax representation. Our aim is to significantly reduce the time you spend on bookkeeping and tax-related activities, enabling you to direct your focus toward meeting your client’s needs and driving revenue growth. Our dedicated team of accountants and bookkeepers is both enthusiastic and dependable, always responsive to your unique requirements. We are committed to delivering quick and accurate results, thereby lowering your operational costs and mitigating risk. By taking on your financial and tax-related workload, we free up invaluable time for you to concentrate on expanding your business, optimizing your cash flow, and relishing the simple joys of life. .

Savvy Sof is extremely professional; she has knowledge in her craft and does what is best for her clients! I won’t go to anyone else to do my books because she gets the job done !!!

– Kimberly Mathews –

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